At Prodigy, we believe in comprehensive pre-construction planning. Every successful construction project is the result of a well-defined and executed pre-construction plan. That’s why we utilize our in-house team to prepare a plan that encompasses all of the necessary steps and processes that ensure a successful project.

We offer the following specific Pre-construction Services:
  • Site evaluation
  • Develop budget schedules
  • Mistake proofing and constructability reviews help to curtail errors, prevent gaps & overlaps, and eliminate omissions which lead to costly change orders
  • Develop outline specifications for material selections, construction requirements, and work scopes for each trade
  • Review different design and value engineering options, that maintain the integrity of the design, to determine the product that reduce cost and provides the most value to our client
  • Prepare bid packages with written scope of work
  • Subcontractor pre-qualification
  • Pre-bid meetings are held to answer subcontractor questions before bidding a project
  • Develop budget cost estimate with multiple bidders for each respective scope of work on the project so that the owner receives the benefit of competitive bidding
  • Post-bid meetings are held with qualified bidders, as needed, after the bids are received to analyze their respective scope of work


Through these pre construction processes, we assure you that your project objectives (design, schedule, and budget) will be achieved.