From The Ground Up

Prodigy Construction is one of the most respected commercial construction management companies in our area. Together with our clientele, we have designed and built structures that firmly established our reputation for quality, production, and safety. We have delivered as a commercial construction management company by creating long term progress and economic growth in the Ohio Valley and the surrounding communities.

We treat every project as an investment in our customer’s future. Our expertise has such a diverse range in the commercial construction management industry as our next project could be putting up a new building structure, a highly-anticipated renovation project, or expansion to an already existing business space. In all cases, each commercial construction project has the capacity to create jobs that improve the area’s economy and infrastructure. It doesn’t matter if the work is for the public or private sector, the resilience of the end product will increase access to local resources and services that make the community a much prosper environment.

The staff at Prodigy Construction takes great pride in completing each commercial construction management project on time. How is this accomplished? Well, we undertake the project from the beginning up until the end of the construction process. Often, designing the structure is a collaboration with our clients as this partnership is key to long term success. Our civil engineering team has the work experience and passion for getting the job done on time. Often, the designs created are innovative, but never at the cost of cutting corners on the quality of the finished product. Instead, a partnership is created with our clients that lowers the risk of miscommunication and contributes more on the lasting legacy of the new addition to their property.

Our success is based on aligning our skills and expertise with the client’s goals. Thus, achieving operational and performance excellence by gaining high efficiency at the work site each day. The ultimate goal is to construct lasting relationships with our clients that become as strong as our newly constructed building structure.

We serve various industries as some of our building designs or commercial construction management services include projects for automotive dealerships, restaurants, and healthcare or hospital industry. Our commitment to a project consists of an initial civil engineering planning stage all the way through the start and completion of the commercial construction process.


Prodigy Construction is built on a foundation of service and lasting relationships with our clients. This loyalty is earned and not expected as we yield to the various needs of the client that strengthens our long term partnership with them.


In our search to build smarter, more efficient building structures, we have turned the conventional thought of building design into a modern look with the assistance of our client's needs. Once an agreement is in place, a project manager will be assigned to our client. Instantly, they become their contact person throughout the process. That includes from the civil engineering team design phase up until the completion of the building construction. It's the project manager's primary responsibility to get the job done on time and on budget. That entails adhering to the project's specifications without compromising our company's demands and standards. Finally, the project manager must provide an up-to-the-minute progress report on the job's current status.

General Contracting

Trying to keep a commercial construction management project on deadline and on budget is a very complex process. It requires vast knowledge and experience from a general contractor who can anticipate all potential delays that are associated with a commercial construction management project. At the same time, we're required to protect and preserve the environment as well. To accomplish this goal, we commit to sustainable environmental solutions that negate the project's impact on the earth. The goal is to reduce the consumption of goods and the addition of waste at the worksite. This is gained by completing necessary research on various building materials and the possible implementation of technology inside the new building structure.

Self Performance

Managing a multi-facet, complex commercial construction management project often pulls you in several different directions and can make it challenging to maintain your daily work schedule. Usually, it's a day-in, day-out process. Our company's experience allows us to manage several different tasks independently. The result is that we keep your project on the path to success. The key to success is maintaining focus on our client's goals. It allows us to set a timeframe on the end date of our commercial construction management project. This course of action separates us from the competition.


To become the leader in the commercial construction management company field, your staff must practice safety awareness at a project's worksite. Our philosophy is simple as we believe with the right training, all work-related accidents are preventable, but that goal is highly unlikely to happen. All project teams are responsible for their actions as everyone is accountable for maintaining a safe work environment. It's one of the keys to our craft. Having a safe work environment will lead to a successful commercial construction management project. However, if an accident does occur, we will investigate and compile all the information needed to prevent this from happening again.


The crucial element to quality craftmanship is the drive to provide quality work with each finished project. For those in the commercial construction management industry, quality control isn't something we take lightly. It's a necessary step in our building process because of the impact a faulty building structure could have over the next decade in our community. Quality control comes down to ethics, safety, and honesty. Our team goal is to be the best in our industry, not the biggest.

experience & creativity


Are you looking for a quality commercial construction custom-design at an affordable price?

Look no further; Prodigy Construction Corporation Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky would be delighted to help you bring your dream to life.



Gary Haupt Owner : Tri-County Ford

We had a tight deadline and budget, and Prodigy exceeded our expectations on both. The quality of the work is excellent and small issues we’ve had, they’ve stepped up to fix them. I would absolutely refer other businesses to Prodigy

Steve Houser Maintenance Manager: Stock Yards Bank

It’s evident Prodigy has a company philosophy to be kind and take care of their clients.

Morgan Andrews Co-Owner: Andrews Pharmacy (Shelbyville) and Hume Pharmacy (Jeffersontown)

It was important for me to feel like I had a relationship with the construction team - including their decision makers. From the first meeting, Prodigy was friendly, understanding, encouraging and accessible - like a family atmosphere. I really appreciated the time they spent with me.

Michael Hence General Manager: 8700 Westport Road

We needed someone willing to go to work for us when we needed them. They did a fantastic job meeting important deadlines for us - including working overtime and weekends. Very responsive.

Patti Swope President & CEO: Swope Auto Group

Prodigy was able to keep us in business during construction which was crucially important. We’ve worked with other contractors in the past who were more expensive and less expensive, but now we work with Prodigy the most because we know they’re honest, there won’t be any short cuts and they’ll get the job done when they say they will.

Larry Cox Owner: M&L Investments

I needed a contractor who could handle all of the work in-house, had all the permits and licenses necessary, and could complete the work on time and up-to-code. There was no job too small that Prodigy wouldn’t address for me on my projects.

John Beavin President & Chairman of the Board: Meade Activity Center

Prodigy was able to use value engineering to bring the cost down without losing any functionality. I have been very pleased with the service, professionalism, and transparency of our arrangement. If we had gone to Prodigy with a design concept and paid the architect for their time during the planning phase, I think that we could have saved about $50,000 on our project and would have started 3 months earlier. Prodigy has the expertise to take the rendering from the drawing room into a functional design. They have proven to be problem solvers and talented and efficient schedulers.

David T. Wilson II Skeeters Bennett Wilson & Pike

I found that Prodigy provided meticulous attention to detail throughout the process. Prodigy devoted substantial staffing resources to the Project, did an excellent job retaining, coordinating, and supervising subcontractors, and delivered the Project in an extremely timely fashion. Their record keeping relative to the money involved... was outstanding. The Project was delivered within budget. Their workmanship and timeliness were outstanding.